While Galveston County was hardest hit early on, the local government’s response seems to have slowed the job decline.

Unemployment rates across the country are way up in response to decreased demand and lockdowns across the planet because of COVID-19.

In Greater Houston, the effects of the coronavirus on the local job market began by hitting Galveston County the hardest (per capita). Galveston’s large tourism sector was especially affected, and unfortunately, the county led the region’s decline through March and into April.

Because of the different ways that Harris (Houston) and Galveston County’s governments responded to the pandemic, Galveston County eventually slowed the decline. In May, Harris County overtook its neighbors to become the region’s largest job loser (per capita and in total).

Liberty and Fort Bend County’s unemployment rates have also continued to accelerate, and may quickly surpass Galveston’s rate.