Part 1

With the closing of the 2021 Emerging Technology Summit, Galveston County’s tech innovation space has never stood as healthy nor engaged as displayed by its panelists this year. Led by Jeff Sjostrom, President of the Galveston Economic Development Partnership, a wide array of knowledge was provided to attendees on items ranging from bio-tech innovation, droid disaster usage, healthcare research, local technology collaborations and much more.

The discussion was highlighted by Dr. Randy Urban, Vice President and Chief Research Officer of UTMB at Galveston. He spoke on the increasing efficacies of the university’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

Within the discussion, Mr. Urban outlined five critical drivers of the ecosystem as it looks to develop rapidly into the foremost education, incubation, and commercialization space across the Gulf Coast. 

One of the key aspects the university is working on expanding on through this initiative is by closely relying on its Office of Technology Transfer. This department is the key starting point of discovery for UTMB and helps identify emerging technology that may prove applicable for market development. 

The UTMB Institute for Translational Sciences is a grant fund which has developed a studio where leaders of selected technologies establish entrepreneurial and management skills.

UTMB’s Innovation Hub & Incubator space provides a location for the development of these technologies. The incubator itself is a partnership between the GEDP and the university within the Custom’s House in Galveston, also home to GEDP offices. 

The university has partnered with Medical Branch Innovations.

Added this past year, Blackstone Launch Pad & Techstars assists with stimulating campus entrepreneurship and driving economic development within the community. It does so through awareness programs and by expanding entrepreneurial ecosystems to drive technology transfer and commercialization. This program also engages and connects relevant government, academic, investment, and nonprofit organizations to further link the community.

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