Galveston County is home to a variety of different communities each with their own unique characteristics. Some examples are below.

Bayou Vista

Bayou Vista’s local economy employs roughly 977 people with its largest sectors being He largely a sea-side commuter city with few local businesses or investment opportunities due to the size and structure of the city. However, the immediate surrounding areas do provide for a number of locations that may cater to a range of industries offering access to coastal waterways, Interstate 45 and Highways 3 & 6.

Types of Properties Available near Bayou Vista, TX

222 and 226 Texas City Wye

Texas City Wye

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Clear Lake Shores

The City of Clear Lake Shores’ local economy employs roughly 760 people with its largest industries being Construction (106 people), Manufacturing (102 people), and Professional, Scientific & Technical Services (98 people). Due to its close proximity to both the ever-growing League City, the tourist destination that is Kemah, as well as its access to the bay, Clear Lake Shores provides a number of options in terms of business viability.

Types of Properties Available in Clear Lake Shores, TX

902 FM 2094 Rd

716 Clear Lake Rd

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The City of Dickinson’s local economy employs roughly 9,420 people with the largest industries being He business friendly with a developed permitting process that diligently works to streamline all procedures. The city itself is situated on the southern border of League City with interstate 45 bisecting the municipality. Growing sectors include aerospace, petrochemical, he

Types of Properties Available in Dickinson, TX

5029 FM 646 Rd E

5311 FM 646

FM 3436

2914 FM 517

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Friendswood’s economy employs roughly 18,100 people with the largest industries being He both commercial, industrial and residential. The community itself acts as a residential hub for the Houston Metro’s highly educated and affluent individuals. Local economic projects are currently underway to upgrade and define its downtown location with room for new and expanding businesses.

Types of Properties Available in Friendswood, TX

4370 FM 2351 Rd

1620 S Friendswood Dr

16310 Beamer Rd

4650 FM 2351 Rd

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The City of Galveston’s economy employs roughly 22,000 people with its largest industries being He Galveston’s economy is largely supported by the Port of Galveston and its cruise ship terminals, UTMB, local financial services, and the general tourism industry. Therefore, Galveston offers a high degree of versatility in an island community with an exceedingly educated inhabitant population thanks in part to its three higher education institutions (UTMB, A&M Galveston, and Galveston College).

Types of Properties Available in Galveston, TX

4906 Broadway St

2327 Winnie St

Grand Beach

2318 Market St #C3

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Hitchcock’s economy employs roughly 2,880 people with its largest industries being He interstate, highways, the coastline and ports in both Texas City and Galveston. Its economy is primed to grow within the industrial and logistical industries thanks to its own designated foreign trade zone.

Types of Properties Available in Hitchcock, TX

Flamingo Isles Blvd

5714 Delany Road

100 Kemin Dr

5313 Gulf Street

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Jamaica Beach

Jamaica Beach’s local economy employs roughly 590 people with its largest industries being Construction (115 people), He just over 1,000, Jamaica Beach is primarily inhabited by vacationers, the self-employed, local business owners or retirees. Most businesses within the area will focus their services towards these demographics (i.e. office buildings, retail, restaurants, etc.)

Types of Properties Available in Jamaica Beach, TX

16708-16648 Termini San Luis Pass Rd

17614 Termini San Luis Pass

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The City of Kemah’s economy employs 1,210 people with its largest industries being Retail Trade (199 people), Manufacturing (149 people), and Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (131 people). Kemah’s famous boardwalk and the nearby NASA facilities make it a hotspot for foot-traffic throughout the year as well as a coastal entertainment oasis for many local Houstonians. Due to its proximity to Houston, Galveston, and the bay, the city provides an endless stream of options for developers and entrepreneurs.

Types of Properties Available in Kemah, TX

1001 Sue Dr

Hwy 146 & Hwy 96

503 Bradford

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La Marque

La Marque’s economy employs roughly 6,400 people with its largest industry being He Interstate 45, with borders reaching both Highways 3 and 6. With immediate proximity to Texas City and Galveston, La Marque makes a great choice for warehousing and transportation industries, as well as light and heavy industrial manufacturing.

Types of Properties Available in La Marque, TX

4011 FM-2004

5313 Gulf Fwy

1115 Delany Rd

1240 Gulf Fwy


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League City

League City’s economy employs roughly 50,900 people with its largest industries being He Houston, exemplary school system and access to countless recreational activities, League City has grown into one of Houston’s most attractive destinations for families and businesses. The city is a perfect destination for corporate relocation, retail, finance, medicine, and more due to its business-friendly environment.

Types of Properties Available in League City, TX

Corner Of Link Road And Calder Dr

1318 Highway 3 – C

664 FM 270

1390 W League City Parkway

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Santa Fe

The City of Santa Fe’s economy employs roughly 5,790 people with its top industries being Manufacturing (814 people), He the county, and thus, is a pivotal logistical point to the bordering Brazoria and Harris Counties. Santa Fe offers low tax rates and low crime rates while providing an excellent school district. Much of its population are hard blue-collar workers which makes for a highly competitive employment base.

Types of Properties Available in Santa Fe, TX

8426 FM 2004 Rd

8935 Baker Street

11835 FM 1764

13238 FM 1764 Rd

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Texas City

Texas City’s economy employs roughly 19,300 people with its largest industries being He one of the nation’s largest chemical and petrochemical complexes situated on the city’s southern coast. The city stretches from the Port of Texas City, through Hwy 3 and up to Interstate 45 where commercial properties have developed rapidly due to a strong economy. Texas City is highly competitive in terms of relocation and its local government is highly amenable to addressing financial concerns.

Types of Properties Available in Texas City, TX

8500 S Humble Camp Road

2628 Texas Ave

3828 FM 1765

20th St S 

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Tiki Island

Tiki Island’s economy employs roughly 426 people with its top industries being He directly north from Galveston Island, just west of Interstate 45. Due to its initial creation as a fishing camp, business activity is relatively low in comparison to its neighboring communities. However, due to proximity to Galveston and I45, surrounding properties do hold value for industrial or logistical purposes.

Types of Properties Available near Tiki Island, TX

1240-1244 I-45

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