On Thursday, July 15th, The Galveston County Community Job Fair was hosted by The Galveston County COVID-19 Business Task Force and Workforce Solutions at the Charles T. Doyle Convention Center in Texas City. At this event, eager businesses and workers gathered from all around the Bay Area to find new prospects and get back to work. The event was a huge success with an amazing turnout of both a diverse group of businesses and workers trying to take full advantage of the new opportunities created by the rapidly rebounding local economy.

At the job fair, we had booths from over 40 businesses representing almost every industry from construction, healthcare, and education to fast food, government, and military service. There were over 500 job seekers who attended many of which came with a resume and left with a full-time job. Some may be first-time job seekers while others were just trying to get back into the labor force. Some workers live locally while others came from all over the greater Houston area. Whatever their background their strong showing at our first job fair is proof that, while some areas face a labor shortage, the people of Galveston County are ready to get back to work and kick the economy into full gear.

The variety of businesses and skilled workers at the job fair illustrates the versatility of the Galveston County Economy and workforce. Not only do we have a skilled workforce and a dynamic range of businesses and industries in the County but we pull many more workers and businesses from all over the Greater Houston Region. We are proud of the great success of the Galveston County Community Job Fair and the exciting opportunities it made available for all members of our community.