We’re in the place you want to be: Galveston County is a great place for logistics.

Galveston County is located in Greater Houston, Texas: the center of North America, and the center of the world.

We’re equidistant from both the East and West Coasts by air, road, and rail, and located on the Intracoastal Waterway, a 3,000 mile inland waterway along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, that connects to several navigable rivers with inland ports, including the Mississippi, Alabama, Savannah, James, Susquehanna, Delaware, Hudson, and Connecticut rivers.

Additionally, being home to two ports, and very near to two others, we’re intimately connected to the US’s international trade, especially with Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

515 million people are located with 2,000 miles of Galveston County, including all of the continental US, Mexico, most of the population of Canada, and all of Central America and the Caribbean.

Galveston County is an ideal place for staging, manufacturing, assembly, transportation and the base for your company’s operations. From here, not only can you easily source materials and other inputs, but you can also ship your manufactured goods out to everywhere profitably.