On Thursday, Galveston County’s Department of Economic Development participated in the Gulf Coast Workforce Board – 2019 Report Card Roundtable.

This event highlighted how our region’s economic capabilities fared in comparison to other rapidly expanding cities throughout the country. Members from our local school districts, small businesses, and governments participated to provide feedback and discuss how the area can and will evolve heading into 2020.

Much of the conversation centered on how to adjust to changes in the workforce with the introduction of AI and how our educational entities can better address growing sectors within technology-intensive fields. Because of looming advances in AI technology, children and parents need direction as career paths evolve or close do to the future growth of automation.

Attention was also given to the diversification of career paths and how industries across multiple sectors are changing their viewpoint on four-year college degrees and their necessity.

Many of our local educational leaders agreed that closer cooperation between our schools and local businesses could help to foster multiple avenues for career advancement and educate our youth about possibilities that exist outside of conventional career paths.

Because of today’s report and others like it, Galveston County is positioning itself as a rich hub for economic prosperity and a diverse job market with eyes toward the future.

You can read the full report here.