Galveston County’s groceries are likely much less expensive than yours.

Houston/Galveston’s Groceries are the 5th cheapest in the United States.

As the largest city in Texas, what comes first to mind is beef. But it’s not steak that places Houston on the list as the fifth most affordable city in America for groceries, it’s dairy. The city is in the top five for affordable margarine, and in the top 25 for both milk and cheese.

That should be no surprise, with those dairy categories as primary staples for every meal and Houston’s history as an important goods transportation hub for rail carriage and one of the world’s most important shipping and receiving ports, lowering shipping costs.

Unsurprisingly, 16 of the top 50 cheapest cities for groceries are in Texas. Here are the rest of the top 50.

  1. Temple TX
  2. Waco TX
  3. Kalamazoo MI
  4. Harlingen TX
  5. Houston TX
  6. McAllen TX
  7. Salina KS
  8. Birmingham AL
  9. Lynchburg VA
  10. Round Rock TX
  11. San Marcos TX
  12. Tupelo MS
  13. Louisville KY
  14. Wichita Falls TX
  15. Corpus Christi TX
  16. Benton Harbor MI
  17. Austin TX
  18. Peoria IL
  19. Jonesboro AR
  20. Lafayette IN
  21. Hutchinson KS
  22. Joplin MO
  23. Fayetteville AR
  24. Waterloo-Cedar Falls IA
  25. Lexington KY
  26. San Antonio TX
  27. Roanoke VA
  28. Beaumont TX
  29. Fort Worth TX
  30. Knoxville TN
  31. Pittsburg KS
  32. Twin Falls ID
  33. Conroe TX
  34. Burlington IA
  35. Rio Rancho NM
  36. Nacogdoches TX
  37. Manhattan KS
  38. Memphis TN
  39. Martinsville-Henry County VA
  40. Rockford IL
  41. Ames IA
  42. Fort Wayne-Allen County IN
  43. Conway AR
  44. Lexington-Buena Vista-Rockbridge VA
  45. Dalton GA
  46. Kokomo IN
  47. Staunton-Augusta County VA
  48. Tyler TX
  49. Danville City VA
  50. Colorado Springs CO