This holiday season our Galveston County local businesses need your support more than ever.

Many of our small local businesses have suffered deeply from the economic turmoil resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Given supply chain issues it’s also important to start shopping early to insure that you can buy a special gift for all those that are important in your life. Not only will you likely get better service from a small local Galveston County business, but you’ll be able to find unique or one-of-a-kind gifts that big retailers can’t offer.

Additionally, each dollar spent at a local business is also an investment in your community that will help support and creates local jobs. This holiday season you can support the economic recovery by shopping small, shopping local and shopping early.

Small business is important! In the United States, 5 out of 6 businesses had to at least temporarily close during the pandemic and, 1 out 4 small businesses were on the brink of collapse during the pandemic and 200,000 businesses closed their doors forever. Small businesses play a crucial role in enriching and developing our local community and they can’t do that without your support. When you buy local you’re buying from people who live and have a stake in your community. 

It’s also important to start your holiday shopping as soon as possible. The world economy is facing major supply chain issues resulting from the pandemic, labor shortages and congested ports and terminals. If you want to make sure that you can get all your shopping done then you need to go out and start shopping early while the products are still available.

This holiday season you can invest in your community by shopping small, shopping local, and shopping early.

Shop small, shop local, shop early, shop Galveston County.