You won’t hear many local economic development organizations admit it, but there is no one best location for all businesses.

Although, we economic developers constantly struggle to position our communities and properties as the best location for businesses to locate to. The unfortunate truth for local EDOs is that there is no perfect location for every business. Some sites are more pro-business than others — they have less restrictive regulations, faster permitting, more generous tax incentives, etc — but a specific businesses’ needs and goals will always determine the best location for that specific business.

To find the perfect location, a company’s site selection team needs to define the key location criteria first, and then relay that information to the economic developers in the locations that they are working with. An economic development organization cannot help a company to satisfy its needs if the EDO doesn’t know what those needs are. Just as importantly, the EDO must accurately listen to and remain acutely aware of the specific needs of the company.

Just as there is no perfect house or perfect job for everyone, there is no perfect site or community for every business. It is up to the business to identify and communicate their specific needs, for the EDOs to listen, advise and work with the businesses to match their specific needs with the location that most accurately reflects and meets their needs.

Economic development isn’t a one size fits all sale. Your business’s specific needs matter, and Galveston County, Texas isn’t exactly the right place for every business.

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