High Island

High Island is an unincorporated community which sits at the eastern border of Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston County. Its namesake derives from the large salt dome the community of 500+ sits on. In fact, High Island remains the largest elevation point along the Gulf Coast from Mobile, Alabama to the Yucatan Peninsula.

High Island is most notably recognized nationally for its prestigious bird sanctuaries. The Houston Audubon Society operates four sanctuaries in the area which provide an influx of bird watching tourism through the early spring season, particularly April 1st through May 15th.

Bolivar Peninsula is made up of 5 communities, including: Port Bolivar, Crystal Beach, Caplen, Gilchrist, and High Island. In total, it stretches 27 miles across the Gulf of Mexico and acts as a barrier formation for Galveston Bay. The main mode of transportation to access the peninsula is by ferry to-and-from Galveston. This fairy has been in operation since 1934 and still remains free of charge.

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