Galveston County is home to one of the Texas Gulf Coast’s only carbon dioxide pipelines.

As polarizing a topic as CO2 has become in recent climate discussions, its industrial value has never been greater. Its capacity to fill roles in medicine, manufacturing and food production makes it a versatile resource that is highly necessary for our globalized economy.

Below are industries in which CO2 remains a highly necessary component.

  • Multi-Industry – Carbon Dioxide can be used as a refrigerant in both its solid and liquid forms. It can be used as an inert gas during chemical process, as well as being stored as carbon powder in fire extinguishers.
  • Metals Industry – It can be used to strengthen molds in manufacturing settings.
  • Manufacturing and Construction – Carbon Dioxide is used as a shield gas during welding. It is also used in combination with Argon to reduce the necessity of after-weld treatments. Carbon Dioxide is used in producing dry ice pellets for removing paint in place of sandblasting, reducing disposal and cleanup costs.
  • Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Petroleum – Used in a wide variety of raw material production, including methanol and Urea. Also for the purpose of oil extraction using Carbon Dioxide-EOR methods.
  • Rubber and Plastics – The removal of flash from rubber objects is provide by crushed dried ice being rotated in a drum.
  • Food & Beverages – Carbon Dioxide can be used for a number of freezing and flash freezing methods used in transportation of goods. It is also used to carbonate soft drinks, beer and wine. Its liquid form is a good solvent for a number of organic compounds. During the canning process, it can displace air. It also used in flavor extraction techniques by both manufacturers and chefs alike.
  • Health Care – It can be used as an additive to oxygen for medical uses as a respiration stimulant.
  • Environmental – Carbon Dioxide can replace aerosol can alternatives that prove harmful to the environment. Using dry ice pellets in place of sandblasting greatly reduces waste and disposal residue. It can also neutralize alkaline water.
  • Miscellaneous – Can be used as a dry-cleaning solvent in place of chemical solvents. Greenhouses have been proven to benefit by up to 20 percent after increasing Carbon Dioxide levels.