Galveston County Texas is home to a vast network of pipelines running throughout the county to transport gases like cyclohexane.

Cyclohexane is a clear liquid that embodies similar odors to that of petroleum or cleaning products. It holds a flashpoint of minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit and a density of 6.5 lb/gal. Its vapors measure heavier than air, yet it is lighter than water while also being insoluble in it as well.  

Cyclohexane is a non-naturally occurring cycloalkane not found within natural resources unlike benzene (an organic chemical compound). In industrial settings, cyclohexane is produced through hydrogenation of benzene when in the presence of a Raney nickel catalyst. As of 2017, 11.4% of all global demand for benzene came from cyclohexane producers.  


  • Manufacturing
  • Nylon- Cyclohexane is a compound which when put through catalytic oxidization, creates the raw materials necessary to form the precursor components of nylon. 
  • Vapors can be used in vacuum carburizing furnaces in heat treating equipment manufacturers  
  • Labs
  • Solvent- It can be used as a recrystallization solvent in some correction fluids 
  • Calibration- It can be applied within calibration practices of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) instruments