Galveston County is home to a vast network of above-ground and underground pipelines providing chemical and gaseous product transportation and delivery service throughout the county. These pipelines reach to our industrial areas, both of our local ports, offshore, and outside the county, and provide our industry with a wide range of useful chemical products.

Naphtha is a highly flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixture used primarily as a solvent or diluent, or as a raw material used for conversion to gasoline. One common application is its use in the petroleum sector as a diluent of heavy crude oil to reduce their viscosity, making its transportation much easier. If not diluted, heavy crude can be quite difficult to pump onto tankers, as well as being too viscous to normally pass through pipeline systems. Although other diluting agents exist, naphtha is particularly favored due to its ability to be separated and reused in other transportation/diluent practices.

With an excess of industrial space, direct access to two port systems, as well as some of the longest stretches of Interstate 45 access running down its length, Galveston County is primed to offer some of the best opportunities for your ammonia intensive project. Contact our office today to learn how we can help your venture take the next steps towards success.