The economic development department of Galveston County exists to lead and support efforts to recruit, retain and expand business and industry in Galveston County; to enhance employment opportunities and grow the local tax base.

Description of Services

Galveston County will be universally recognized as a progressive, proactive, desirable and business friendly location to locate, expand your business and raise a family. Provide comprehensive economic development research planning, project submission and project to support services to achieve the stated Galveston County Economic Development Initiative (GCEDI) goals and objectives.

The Galveston County Economic Development Initiative (GCEDI) represents the commitment of the Galveston County Commissioners Court to engage, enhance and support economic development efforts countywide leading to:

  • Enhanced economic prosperity countywide for our citizens, communities and employers
  • Maintenance and strengthening of our current economic drivers and employers
  • Creation of new jobs and expanded capital investment and tax base from current employers in Galveston County
  • Recruitment of new capital investment, tax base and jobs to Galveston County
  • Development and support efforts to enhance the economic development and business climate across Galveston County

Goals and Objectives

The goals of the Galveston County Economic Development Initiative (GCEDI) will be accomplished through:

  • The enhanced communication and collaboration with the state of Texas, local employers, major site selection firms, community and regional leaders and the other economic development allies in Galveston County and across the region.
  • Identification and addressing of issues that impact economic development and business success in Galveston County
  • Marketing and presenting Galveston County in a professional manner to site selectors, regional economic development allies, prospects, and potential investors
  • Serving as a primary point of contact with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development on prospects, opportunities, and issues related to economic development in Galveston County
  • Collaborating with the various municipalities, business and economic development entities in Galveston County to support our collective efforts and goals.