Twenty years ago, the Galveston Economic Development Partnership opened our doors when Galveston was facing several economic challenges. From the city to the port — from crumbling infrastructure to eyesore buildings — many of the wheels on Galveston’s economic bus were either losing air or outright flat.

Today, we’re debating the exponential growth of tourists, port profit-sharing with the city, historic levels of public investment in neighborhoods, parks, and infrastructure by the city, and an enhanced level of “investor” confidence in our island.

Challenges remain. The city is facing financial challenges that will have to be dealt with, and the port must reinvest in infrastructure for current and future development opportunities.

At the end of the day, we must work together to leverage resources with an eye to the future for aligning the best methods in which to achieve investment, reinvestment and ultimately benefits back to the taxpayers of Galveston.

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