Another Year, Another Reduction In Property Taxes For County Residents And Business Owners

(Galveston County, TX, September 2020) ― Yesterday,September 8th, Commissioners Court voted unanimously to approve a $144.7 million budget for FY2021. The new budget was highlighted by yet another reduction in the property tax rate for county citizens. This cut will see the rate drop 8 percent and coincide with the county collecting less revenue over the coming fiscal year. 

This is the tenth year in a row that the county has reduced property tax rates and is the only county in the Greater Houston Area which can claim as such. Since 2011, County Judge Mark Henry and the Commissioners Court reduced the total property tax rate by 24.3 percent. 

Thanks in part to tremendous economic growth, Galveston County is able to continue to operate under the No-New Revenue Tax Rate. Fiscal responsibility and proactive budget cuts have allowed the county to drastically reduce expenses across the board. The new budget will take effect October 1, 2020.