To All Galveston County Residents,

As many of you know, the Texas Department of Transportation (Txdot) has scheduled a public hearing at 10:00am on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at the TxDOT Headquarters in Austin to discuss the removal of SH99 (the Grand Parkway) Segments B and C from the 2020 Unified Transportation Plan. If these Grand Parkway segments are removed from this 10-year plan that will guide TxDOT’s priorities in the future, the project may never be completed and the resulting impacts on Galveston County would be immense. It’s important that we make our voices heard in this process.

Grand Parkway segments B and C would connect I-45 in League City to IH-69 in Fort Bend County. Over the past 20 years, taxpayers in Galveston County have spent millions of dollars on this project by completing and clearing environmental studies and acquiring right-of-way. Additionally, construction of these segments will create a critical hurricane evacuation route for our county, provide an additional corridor to improve mobility in the region, reduce daily traffic congestion, and increase economic development and growth in the region.

If delayed or sidelined, the impacts on Galveston County and surrounding areas would be damaging. Our county is at greater risk than other counties in the region during an evacuation due to our main evacuation route being I-45 and being at the mercy of Harris County in giving us an opportunity to evacuate first. There are more than 4 million people located just north of the county line and if an evacuation order is ever issued, our existing evacuation routes could easily become overwhelmed, trapping much of our residents trying to evacuate. A fully constructed Grand Parkway would provide an additional and crucial lifesaving hurricane evacuation route for all Galveston County residents. For this reason alone, we need TxDOT to reconsider removing this project from their plans.

I’m writing today to ask for your help in sending a message to Txdot that the residents of Galveston County, who have already spent so much money on this project, support the state keeping their word and finishing Grand Parkway segments B and C. I will be traveling to Austin to attend the TxDOT hearing to speak in support of this project and encourage all who are able to do the same.

Please join me in Austin on August 6th, 2019 to show TxDOT that the residents, business owners, and leaders of Galveston County support the state finishing the Grand Parkway. Together we can help get this project back on course.

If you’re unable to attend the August 6th hearing, you can submit your comments to TxDOT by calling 800-687-8108, emailing, or mailing them to the Texas Department of Transportation, Attn: Peter Smith, PO Box 149217, Austin, Texas 78714. You can also visit and use the search keyword “UTP public involvement”. Now is the time for us to take action.


Mark Henry
County Judge