Corporate Headquarters Relocation to Dickinson, Texas

In its first major corporate relocation project since Hurricane Harvey, the Dickinson Economic Development Corporation (DEDC) is excited to announce the relocation of Chemic Engineers and Constructors, Inc. (Chemic) to its fine city. Chemic, a full-service integrated consulting firm offering engineering, procurement, and construction management, with a 40+ year history in the midstream, petrochemical, refinery and chemicals markets, brings Dickinson its corporate headquarters, adding over 40 professional primary jobs to the city’s growing workforce. Since 1977, the Texas owned and operated company has established deep roots in the Greater Houston Area. Chemic plans to expand its presence and employment base to execute even more projects throughout Texas and globally. The firm purchased a previously flood-damaged building on Medical Park Drive and is currently renovating the structure, interior and exterior, to provide a high-quality work environment for its fine staff.

Chemic plans to relocate to the facility and be open for business in Dickinson in early 2021. The Dickinson Economic Development Corporation Board and it’s staff assisted in the acquisition, including a low-cost but fully secured forgivable loan on the office building being renovated post-Harvey, which helped the firm make the decision to relocate. Dickinson’s City Council approved the incentives and the project, unanimously.

Chemic is the first of Dickinson’s new initiative to create primary jobs within the city. Primary jobs are those which produce a majority of their goods and services for customers predominately from other regional, statewide, national, or international markets, infusing new dollars into the local economy within a list of approved NAICS codes, per state statute and as described in the Texas Economic Development Handbook. Once an employer is paid for its product and/or services provided, it redistributes that wealth from outside the area within the community through wages paid to employees and through local suppliers. When Dickinson officially reaches a population of 20,000, as some expect the City to soon be based on the 2020 Census currently being taken, DEDC will be required to focus its spending on primary job creation and marketing therefor, with very few exceptions.

“The relocation of Chemic Engineers literally across the street from DEDC’s primary real estate asset, a 19 acre planned multi-use site with frontage on Interstate 45 at Dickinson’s main FM 517 exit, will add significant benefits to both Dickinson’s pending redevelopment plans in process and to Chemic’s business visibility, convenience and access”, stated DEDC Board President Robert Donley. “Retaining a firm like Chemic in Galveston County and the Gulf Coast region is important in such times of uncertainty as experienced with the ongoing pandemic. It demonstrates that Dickinson is highly competitive in offering business incentives to the site selection and corporate relocation marketplace, as well as in starting new businesses for those with entrepreneurial interests”, says Donley.

Chemic Engineering corporate founder and building owner Jerry Hartenberger said, “We are grateful for the business-friendly environment of Dickinson. This is a great example of the important relationship between municipalities and private business working together to benefit each other in measurable ways.”

DEDC Chief Executive Officer Scott Jones, in his leadership position only a year now, says “We are excited that Chemic chose Dickinson as the best location to grow its organization, we look forward to their continued prosperity, and we will assist them in making Dickinson their new home, as well as THE destination for other businesses. So, if you have a business that needs to succeed, let’s talk soon!”

The Dickinson Economic Development Corporation is a quasi-government 501(c)3 non-profit corporation funded by city sales tax revenues primarily to facilitate manufacturing and industrial activity, research and
development, transportation, distribution, warehousing, regional/corporate headquarters, job training, career centers, and/or improvements that develop new or expanded business enterprises, and create or retain primary jobs. For more information or to find out how you can become involved in Dickinson economic development efforts, please contact Scott Jones, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the DEDC at (281)337-6105, by cell at (469) 261-9770, or my email at