BIC Magazine wrote a very positive profile of the great work that site manager Sergio Portillo Matute is doing for Eastman Chemical Company in Galveston County.

From the article:

Although Sergio Portillo Matute’s primary responsibility as site manager of Eastman Chemical Co.’s Texas City Operations is ensuring safe, reliable and efficient operations, his role also encompasses much, much more. From managing relationships with community, local government and key stakeholders to developing people and organizations to help them achieve their maximum potential, Portillo Matute never has a dull day.

Portillo Matute sees some substantial changes on the horizon for both his site and his industry as a whole. First and foremost, he believes a much stronger focus will be placed on efficiency in regard to energy utilization and water consumption, not only because of financial implications but also because resources are becoming increasingly limited.

“I foresee a heightened awareness on the lifecycle of our products and how much they can be reprocessed or recycled,” Portillo Matute explained. “We already see some of that in ‘circular economy’ initiatives around the world. In fact, our company took a leadership role in accelerating the circular economy in 2019 by announcing two chemical recycling technologies that will recycle complex waste plastics an infinite number of times. Our recycling innovations are something that give me and other team members at Eastman a great sense of pride — they get right to the heart of our company purpose to enhance the quality of life in a material way.”

Furthermore, Portillo Matute predicts a shift in the demographic of people who will soon make up the majority of Eastman’s customers and workforce, with new generations moving in and disrupting past trends. “As the things that are important to people change, companies and organizations will have to adapt,” he said. “People in roles like mine will be doing things very differently as well.”

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