ProEnergy, a Missouri-based energy company, is seeking to build a
$120 million power generation facility in Texas City.

The city will hold a public hearing May 1 about whether to rezone property west of the Ashland chemical plant, 4501 Attwater Ave., for future use as a peaking power plant, or a facility generally only used when there is high demand, said Mike Alvarado, senior vice president of asset development for ProEnergy, the company behind the development.

ProEnergy owns about 40 acres near the Ashland chemical plant that company officials would like to use for the facility, but the area is currently zoned as single-family residential, Alvarado said. In order for the company to move forward on the facility, that property would have to be rezoned to accommodate the development.

The company already has been through two public meetings about the plans and hasn’t experienced much pushback, given that the property is near several industrial facilities, Alvarado said.