Greetings from Galveston County, Texas


Dear Californian,

I get it. I understand. I’m from California, too. The taxes are too high, and housing is too expensive. And now, to top it all off, the power doesn’t always work.

Come to Texas. I did. You’ll like it, I guarantee it.

Call or email anytime.


PS, Yes, it’s hot and humid here in the summer. So what? That’s why we have air conditioning (plus cheap and abundant electricity!)

PPS, Keep reading below.



Galveston County is the Texas coastal region of Greater Houston.

In the north, our highly ranked Houston suburbs of League City, Friendswood, Clear Lake Shores, and Kemah border NASA Johnson Space Center, Clear Lake and the City of Houston.

In the central part of the county, the City and Port of Texas City are home to our cluster of petrochemical industries. In addition, to their east, the wide-open spaces of La Marque, Hitchcock, and Santa Fe beckon for development.

At the southern end of the county, Galveston Island is a unique Texas experience. Home to the Port of Galveston (Houston’s cruise terminals), two world-class universities and research institutions (UTMB: Texas’s medical school, and A&M Galveston), Galveston Island is where maritime and innovation meet.

Yes, Galveston County has electricity. We also have:

  • highly ranked schools and world-class medical care
  • affordable housing
  • unique Texas coastal living
  • and room for your business to grow.

Read our accolades. (We’ve got the Best Schools, Best Outdoor Activities, Most Diverse Suburbs, Best Suburbs for Young Professionals, Best Suburbs for Families, and the Lowest Cost of Living in Houston) then learn more and reach out. We’re here to help.

Postscript: Yes, we got this idea from a parody news site.