Thank you for considering Galveston County. Our specific infrastructure and industry knowledge, proximity to the Texas Coast, and economic power of the Greater Houston region mean success for your business.

The following are our targeted industry sectors:


With a heavy emphasis on space.

NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, NASA’s $1.5 billion human spaceflight, research and flight control facility is located on the Galveston County/Harris County line.

Consisting of more than 1,620 acres, the complex is home to NASA’s astronaut corps and employees 3,200 employees and more than 15,000 contractors.

In addition, the Houston Spaceport, the world’s first truly urban commercial spaceport, is located just minutes north of Galveston County.


Uniquely qualified.

The University of Texas Medical Branch is located in the city of Galveston, with satellite facilities in League City. UTMB is the oldest medical school in Texas. Established in 1891, the school employs more than 11,000 and consists of schools of medicine, nursing, health profession, and a graduate school of biomedical sciences.

UTMB is home to Galveston National Laboratory, a sophisticated high-security research facility that serves as an important resource in the global fight against infectious diseases.


Corporate & Regional Headquarters

The most pro-business county in Greater Houston.

The county offers companies a pro-business environment in a location where their executives and employees can enjoy an extremely high quality of life. Galveston County’s ability to offer access to the Texas Coast, Houston, award-winning schools, and culture is unmatched.


Downstream Oil & Gas

Forget about upstream and midstream.

Texas leads the nation in petroleum refining and chemical products production and is a global leader in the closely related petrochemical industry.

The oil and gas industry is usually divided into three major sectors: upstream, midstream, and downstream. Upstream is the part where the oil is taken out the ground, midstream is the transportation segment of the industry, and downstream is the section of the process where the refining, marketing, and selling of the finished goods take place. Galveston County is at the downstream end of the oil and gas industry.

The county is home to chemical plants, oil refineries (including the largest in Greater Houston), terminal storage facilities, industrial gas manufacturers, and petroleum, fuel and chemical testing facilities. In addition, INEOS, a major petrochemical manufacturer located their North American headquarters in the county.


Foreign Direct Investment

The Texas Gulf Coast is an excellent region to expand into.

Galveston County’s superior workforce, vibrant economy, and excellent business climate, along with the county’s centralized location, and relatively low production costs have lured many foreign businesses to expand or relocate here. Currently, more than twenty-five foreign corporations have ongoing operations in Galveston County.


Four ports for the price of one, and all the coastline you could want.

Of all the regions in Texas, none are as uniquely positioned to serve the maritime industry as Galveston County. Home to the Port of Texas City and the Port of Galveston, and with easy access to the Port Houston and nearby Port of Freeport, Galveston County is the epicenter of the Texas Gulf Coast.


Business is booming.

Business is booming at Galveston County metalworking plants, where a robust construction market and a healthy economy are keeping work pipelines full and bottom lines healthy. The Galveston County metalworking company has a heavy workload, ample customer base, and good prospects for the future over the next few years.


I just want to say one word to you… plastics.

This target sector covers a broad group of producers which make raw materials and parts for a number of industry sectors including energy, aerospace, biomaterials, medical devices and automotive.

The county’s infrastructure, refineries and chemical plants, electrical capability and costs, and access to railroads and ports are particularly suited for projects in the plastic sector.