When looking at the taxes and business costs listed below, easy to see why Texas consistently scores in CNBC’s top-3 states for doing business in the USA. Galveston County received a AAA bond rating in 2017.

State Taxes

No corporate income tax and no individual income tax

Margins tax:

  • 0.75% on gross receipts less cost of goods sold, or .3755% for retailers and wholesalers
  • Sole proprietorships, general partnerships, businesses with revenue under $1.1 million are exempt

Combined State and Local Taxes Sales Taxes

Sales Taxes:

  • 6.25% Unincorporated Galveston County
  • 7.25% Jamaica Beach
  • 7.25% Tiki Island
  • 7.75% Dickinson
  • 7.75% Friendswood
  • 8% Bayou Vista
  • 8% League City
  • 8.25% Galveston City
  • 8.25% Clear Lake Shores
  • 8.25% Hitchcock
  • 8.25% Kemah
  • 8.25% La Marque
  • 8.25% Santa Fe
  • 8.25% Texas City

Property Tax Rates

There are a total of 65 taxing entities within Galveston County. Each one sets their own property tax rate each year. The tax rates are per $100 dollars of appraised property value.

Galveston County is proud to have some of the lowest property taxes in the country

Tax information can also be found on the Galveston County Tax Assessor/ Collector and Galveston County Appraisal District.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Texas is the only state that doesn’t require private companies to have workers’ compensation insurance.

Unemployment Insurance

  • Wage Base is $9,000 for 2017.
  • New employers use greater of the average rate for all employers in the NAICS code to which they belong or 2.7%.