Galveston County’s largest taxpayers are the petrochemical and support services for offshore oil and gas industries.

The educational, retail and tourism-related industries maintain a significant component to our county’s overall economic base.

Over $1 Billion

Blanchard Refining Co

Over $250 Million

Valero Refining Texas LP

$100 – $249 Million

Texas-New Mexico Power Co
Union Carbide Corp
Praxair Inc
BP Amoco Cemical
Marathon Petroleum
Centerpointe Energy

$50 – $99 Million

Galveston Outlets LLC
South Houston Green Power LP
Eastment Chemical Texas City
ISP Technologies
Ineos Styrosolution America LLC

$25 – $49 Million

Fertitta Hospitality Inc
Valero Marketing & Supply Co
Comcast of Houston LLC
Amalfi & Sorrento Prop LLC
Dow Chemical Co
Union Pacific Railroad

Information based on total taxable value (2018).